1RM Compact Triple Free Standing Rig with Storage
1RM Compact Triple Free Standing Rig with Storage
1RM Compact Triple Free Standing Rig with Storage
1RM Compact Triple Free Standing Rig with Storage
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1RM Compact Triple Free Standing Rig with Storage

    • 75x75mm uprights with laser cut numbers and 10mm footplates
    • 32mm adjustable height chin-up bar with 8mm end plates
    • 16mm bolts and fasteners
    • Heavy duty HDPE J-hooks
    • CAD designed, Laser cut & Robot welded
    • Over 20 accessories, including 4 chin-up options
    • 1443 x 6988 x 2510mm (LxWxH)

    1RM Compact Triple, 6 cell Free Standing Rig with built-in plate storage has a compact footprint, saving you valuable floor space without compromising on functionality.

    With 11-gauge (3mm), 75mm x 75mm steel, 10mm thick foot plates on every upright and 8mm end plates on every chin bar and crossmember, this shallow rack is perfect for any environment where a compact footprint is requited – from studios, apartments, home gyms, or club and school weight rooms to full function strength and condition facilities. The eight plate storage pegs are perfect for plate storage.

    As a part of the modular 1RM range, the system is customisable to suit all needs. Upgrade from a single to a multi-grip chin-up bar, or add a set of spotter arms or dip horn to further extend the rack’s functionality. If you need multiple lifting areas, combine multiple Compact Double, 4 cell Free Standing Rigs together with our 1.68m bridging chin-up bars.

    While shallow, at 2.51m tall the 1RM Compact Single Free Standing Rig with Storage allows athletes up to 1.95m tall to perform a full overhead press while inside the cage, but the adjustable height chin-up bars ensure chin-up accessibility for all lifters. If you need more height, upgrade to 2.7m or 3.6m uprights on the front or back and create a ring station within the rack.

    PLEASE NOTE: This 1RM rig system requires the uprights to be mounted to the floor.

    Every component from the 1RM Rig system is CAD designed, laser cut and robot welded to ensure you’ll get the quality you need for your space – whether a ten cell fitout, or a single cell for home, and with three different height uprights, heavy duty custom j-hooks and spotters, 4 styles of chin-up bars and over 25 accessories to choose from – you’re sure to find a configuration to suit.

    The system is fully modular - meaning that you can start with one cell and add to this over time as your needs change. There are countless configurations you can build and customise to suit your space, budget & training requirements.


    • 75x75mm, 11 gauge (3mm) steel
    • 10mm endplates
    • 5mm thick rod Chin-up Bars
    • Over 25 accessories
    • Free Standing, Wall mounted, Braced and Unbraced
    • Unlimited customisation options.

    Included in this system is:

    • 18 x 2510mm 75mmx75mmx3mm uprights
    • 9 x short chin bar (1062mm)
    • 4 x long chin bar (1676mm)
    • 12 x extra short tube crossmember (609mm)
    • 24 x plate storage pegs
    • 6 x PAIR PRO j-hooks
    • All bolts (excluding bolts required to mount to floor/wall)


    • Width (including utility pegs): 7788mm
    • Width (without utility pegs): 6988mm
    • Length: 1443mm
    • Height: 2510mm

    Looking for accessories for your rig?

    If you can’t find what you’re after, need a different or custom configuration, installation or would just like to chat about the best rig configuration for you, give us a ring on 0435 494 428 or email us at

    Other Considerations:

    Space Required. Please note you need a minimum ceiling clearance of 2.6m for installation. It is recommended around 2.9m to 3m ceiling clearance to have full functionality overhead for barbell work and bar muscle ups. Allow at least 1m clearance either side for comfortable access when changing barbell plates.

    Installation. This 1RM rig system requires the uprights to be mounted to the floor. The uprights can be fixed to a floor or structural surface using M12 or M16 size dynabolts / concrete screws (not supplied). Each upright requires four screws. The method used to install the uprights is dependent on the floor they are being affixed to and your preferred method. Any M12 or M16 fixing 75mm or longer is suitable for the intended purpose of functional training depending on the thickness of the flooring.

    All bolts required to attach uprights to chin-up bars, crossmembers and other accessories are included.