360 Strength

360 Strength Lacrosse Massage Ball - Various Colors



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The 360 Strength Lacrosse Massage Ball is an essential for anyone looking for optimal performance, increased range of motion and mobility or pain relief. It’s great for breaking up muscle knots and hard to reach trigger points.

Being small in size measuring in at 6.5cm this ball will get into all the hard to reach spots. Use the 360 Strength Lacrosse Massage Ball on your traps and delts after a heavy upper body workout, to target your glutes and calves after a long run or target your piriformis, pec minor, ankle, calves, shoulders, chest, lower back or neck.


  • Essential mobility tool
  • Release hard to reach places
  • Material: firm rubber
  • Diameter: 6.5cm

 Available in various colors as shown.

 Sold as single item.