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360 Strength Heavy Duty Squat Rack & Folding FID Bench

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Designed for home or studio use, the heavy duty combination of 360 Strength 360S-SQUAT Squat Rack and 360 Strength Folding FID (Flat / Incline / Decline) bench combo allows you to perform a complete range of barbell and bodyweight exercises safely and securely. The combination of the 360 Strength Squat Rack and FID Bench is the perfect pairing for setting up that heavy duty, flexible home gym on a budget.

The 360 Strength Heavy Duty Squat Rack:

Designed for home or studio use, the 360 Strength 360S-SQUAT Squat Rack allows you to perform a complete range of barbell and bodyweight exercises safely and securely. The rack comes complete with heavy duty custom j-hooks, laser cut numbers on the uprights, single chin-up bar and optional safety spotters, dip handles, and band pegs, all finished in a smooth, blemish-free surface with a matte black powdercoat. High quality heavy gauge steel, thick steel reinforcement brackets, flat bolt down capable footing and close hole adjustments provide a solid platform to support the toughest of workouts.


  • Heavy duty 14 gauge steel 60mm x 60mm tube construction
  • Height adjustable single chin up bar
  • Laser cut numbers on uprights
  • Height adjustable single chin up bar
  • Heavy duty custom j-hooks with plastic inserts for maximum protection for your barbell (320kg weight capacity)
  • Solid steel frame with 5mm support plates
  • Fully welded steel footplates with hole to bolt the rack to the floor in commercial gym environments
  • Light commercial rating to 320kg
  • Optional add-ons including dip handlesspotter armsband pegs and extra j-hooks


Product Dimensions:

  • 1240mm (W)  x  1276mm (D)  x  2289mm (H)
  • Net weight of rack with all components is 60kg


The 360 Strength Folding Flat Incline Decline FID Bench (360S-FOLD-FID) is a super convenient workout bench which can easily be folded flat for convenient storage when not in use. Perform all of your favourite bench exercises such as bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, military press, bent over rows, flyes and many other free weight exercises then simply fold up the bench and store it in your wardrobe or under the bed.

The 360S-FOLD-FID FID bench has high density foam in the backrest which is extremely comfortable and will not bottom out during your workout. Combined with a heavy duty steel frame and a fully adjustable back rest you can workout in flat to incline (90 degrees) and decline positions. Combine with a power rack, smith machine or squat racks for the ultimate workout!. Adaptable, convenient and easy to use whenever you need it and can be stored away when not in use.

Product Specifications:

  • Ideal for Home Use.
  • Folds down for easy storage.
  • Adjustable from Flat to Incline and Decline positions.
  • Dual rear wheels for easy transport.
  • Can be used in 6 different angled positions from decline to flat to incline.
  • Gun rack style  selector offering six positions from decline to 90 degrees.
  • Durable matte black powdercoated finish
  • Bench pad fabricated from top-grade plywood and high density foam
  • Frame made from 50mm x 70mm oval tubing
  • 240kg weight capacity
  • Minimum assembly required

Product Dimensions (mm):

  • Dimensions: 1450L x 450H x 430W
  • Dimensions when folded: 1160L x 230H x 430W