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Small Parallettes - Pair

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Parallettes are a versatile piece of equipment that allows the user to perform a range of exercises using only their body weight as resistance.  Long a favourite training tool of gymnasts, these light yet durable items can hold up to 150kgs and stack within each other making it easy for storage and those on the move.  Great for adding another dimension to you strength training. 

Parallettes are perfect for utilising your own body weight and allowing countless variations to almost any body weight exercise being ideal for training outdoors, group classes and home gyms. A change in the placement of your feet or used in conjunction with a fitness ball can vary the level of body weight resistance incredibly and the range of exercises that can be performed are limitless such as dips, stretching, push ups, hand stands, planking, chest press, tricep dips, vertical rows, knee ups, core running, hip flexes, agility drills.

Use parallettes to train difficult isometric movements like the plank, L sits, the straddle or the planche. Or increase your range of motion in exercises like push ups and handstand push ups. All will contribute towards improving your upper body strength. 

Measurements: 60cm long x 35cm wide x 30cm tall.