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360 Strength Wall Mounted Chin Bar extension kit
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360 Strength Wall Mounted Chin Bar extension kit


    The 360 Strength Wall Mounted Single Chin-up Bar Extension kit (360S-SCHIN-EXT) is designed to pair with the 360 Strength Wall Mounted Single Chin-up Bar to create multiple bay chin-up system.

    A chin-up bar obviously allows you to do some of the most functional upper body exercises possible: chin-ups and pull-ups and there are countless varieties of both chin-ups and pull-ups – different grips, hand positions, leg positions, body angles, levels of explosiveness etc. You can build phenomenal upper back, shoulder and grip strength and power with nothing more than a simple bar and your own bodyweight.

    A chin-up bar, however, isn’t limited to use for chin-ups and pull-ups. A chin-up bar is a gateway to endless strength and mobility training that is limited only by your imagination and motivation, including:

    • Challenging core exercises such as windscreen wipers and leg raises.
    • Hanging to train grip, stretch your back and decompress your discs.
    • Performing a range of upper back and shoulder prehab and mobility exercises such as hanging shrugs and thoracic extensions.
    • An anchor point for bands, rings, ropes or TRX.
    • Storage space for equipment like bands and ropes to keep them out of the way when not in use.

    So, in terms of a utility to space ratio, the chin-up bar scores very highly. Add to that the fact that even a good chin-up bar isn’t particularly expensive and you have the criteria for exceptional equipment.

    Product Specifications:

    • Multi grip, black texture powdercoat
    • Size: 85 x 122 x 50cm
    • Single across bar
    • Diamond knurling
    • Dynabolts included
    • Load: 400kg
    • Weight: 14kgs
    • Commercial grade

    Can not be installed on a flat wall by itself.