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Olympic Tricep / Hammer Curl Bar (Bushing)
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Olympic Tricep / Hammer Curl Bar (Bushing)

    Key Features
    • 12kg weight
    • 880mm long
    • Nickel plated
    • 4 brass bushings (2 each end)
    • Supplied with spring collars


    The 360 Strength Olympic hammer curl bar, (or tricep curl bar) with brass bushes is designed to work the muscles from different angles and to reduce the stress that a straight barbell can place on the joints in the arm (the wrists, elbows and forearms) by allowing for a much more ergonomic grip of the bar.

    Compatible with any Olympic plates, it features a solid nickel plated finish with two brass bushes in each end and circlip ends, giving you a smoother spin with no annoying bolts to fall out. Supplied with spring collars.


    • Bar Weight: 12kg
    • Weight Rating: 700lbs
    • Length: 880mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 28mm
    • Sleeve length: 180mm
    • Sleeve diameter: 49.5 – 50.5mm
    • Shaft material: Spring steel
    • Shaft coating: Nickel Plate
    • Sleeve material: Nickel Plate
    • Knurling: Fine, grippy
    • 4 brass bushes
    • Double circlip end with endcap