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PRE-ORDER – Expected Early November | 360 Strength Tactical Weight Vest Plate - 2.5kg (PAIR)



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The 360 Strength Tactical Weight Vest Plates are designed to fit seamlessly into the 360 Strength Tactical Weight Vests, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your training while enjoying the comfort of padding in the Tac Vests. Due to their thin frame, the plates not only fit well into the vest itself but also allow for the most compact feel meaning there’s no need to worry about the bulkiness in your chest or back anymore when doing push ups or bar pull ups, just move normally and let the weight be your challenge

This listing is for two 2.5kg plates.

If you’re looking for unloaded Tactical Vest Weights, Plates, or pre-loaded Vests, visit visit our bodyweight equipment page.

IMPORTANT: The 360 Strength Tactical Weight Vest and plates is meant to be used strictly as a fitness accessory and should not be used as body armor. Sorry