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360 Strength Single Barbell Jack

360 Strength Single Barbell Jack


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    The 360 Strength barbell jack is perfect for loading and unloading heavy bars from the ground. Working on a simple level principle, you place the end of the jack under one end of your barbell and press the handle. The barbell will elevate slightly, allowing you to add and remove plates from the bar. The polyethelene protection at the bar contact points ensures that your barbell knurling will not be damaged.

    No more wasting your energy loading and unloading the bar, or chasing around to find someone to help. Protective plastic (polyethelene) coatings add protection of your barbell.

    Key Features:

    • High grade steel and manufacturing.
    • Can lift any straight barbell from floor level
    • Add plates quickly to heavy barbells
    • Speed up lifting sessions and aid classroom management

    Important note: DO NOT entirely unload one side of a heavy barbell while leaving the other loaded. This could lead to injury.