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Rumble Roller Gator
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Rumble Roller Gator


    Gator is more beginner-friendly than RumbleRoller's deep-tissue rollers, but don't mistake it for a beginner's roller. The advanced features of this roller benefit even the most experienced athlete.

    While you can use the Gator like a traditional foam roller, its innovative design (featuring distinctive tooth-like bumps) makes it one of the only massaging rollers on the market optimized for “cross frictional massage”— mimicking the way massage therapists use their thumbs or fingertips to apply short, firm strokes across the muscle fibers. This shearing force displaces underlying layers of tissue, helping to loosen up tight muscles, improve blood flow, and help you recover faster.

    The RumbleRoller Gator delivers the high localized compression of a PVC pipe with significantly more precision, better grip, and less pain or discomfort. This patent pending surface grips bare or lightly clothed skin, and resists slippage in all directions.

    The Gator is easy to use but Cross frictional massage doesn’t automatically happen just by rolling on the Gator. To employ it, you have to learn a new (but very simple) technique. Position yourself as you would for any rolling exercise, with your body on top of the Gator or otherwise pressed firmly against it. But instead of rolling, make an effort to shift your body an inch or so toward one end of the roller. During this time, the Gator's bumps should remain engaged with your skin, and you'll feel a tugging force on the underlying muscle. Repeat and reposition the Gator as needed.



    • Material: Proprietary EVA/Polyolefin blend outer shell
    • Solid high density EVA foam core
    • Size: 11.5cm x 55.4cm
    • Colour: Olive