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Impulse Compact Multi Gym
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Impulse Compact Multi Gym

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    The Impulse HG5 is a compact Multi Gym with 6 pulleys, suitable for anywhere space is a premium, including home, or small-sized fitness clubs and corporate fitness centers.

    • Cable motion all driven by handle grip stimulates comprehensively , and provides unlimited range of unilateral motion.
    • Ergonomically and biomedical design for smooth and natural motion

    Through its cable motion, optimized pulley zones and removable bench, the HG5 multi gym allows for an endless range of innovative functional strength exercises in a compact design. It allows you the freedom to train multiple muscles and joints simultaneously with your feet on the ground. That way you can build better balance, enhance coordination, and strengthen the core muscles of your abdomen and back – the muscles you use every day of your life.



    • Tubing: 50.8*76.2mm*2.5mm square tube
    • Shrouds: Translucent ABS shroud for structural stabilization and avoiding deformation
    • Stable: Self-lubricate American loos™ cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fiber ensures service life more than 220 thousand times.
    • Adjustment: Easy to adjust and convenient to use
    • Handlebar: Comfortable plastic dipping handle bar


    • Heavy duty steel construction
    • Durable grey powdercoated finish
    • 6 pulley System
    • Commercial rating
    • 73kg weight stack
    • 1451mm (W) x 1339mm (D) x 2132mm (H)
    • Net Weight: 195kg