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Gravity Training System
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Gravity Training System


    With the SMAI Gravity Training System (GTS) you can utilize your own body weight to train the entire body for functional strength, sports specific movements, rehabilitation, mobility work, cardiovascular endurance and hypertrophy.

    Quite frankly it would be quicker to mention the exercises your unable to perform with the SMAI Gravity training system rather than the 100’s you can due to the freedom of this unique system allowing you to work through multiple planes at once.

    The SMAI GTS is made from top quality seat belt webbing, is adjustable in length to accommodate for any skill level and has a specially designed hand/foot loop. Best of all it packs up small enough to go with you anywhere and sets up within seconds all you need is a stable weight bearing frame to hang it from and your good to go!

    Double check lock on carbineer clip before using – GTS clip will not fail if locked correctly.