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Calf Raise Block
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Calf Raise Block


    Constructed from 50x70mm powdercoated steel tube, the 360 Strength Calf Raise Block is built to last through the heaviest of training sessions. A generous 56cm width, combined with grip tape lining the top, and no-slip feet gives you maximum stability & safety for your calf raises, allowing you to hit the calves at different angles. They are the perfect height to give your heel that extra travel for a greater stretch. 

    Specifically designed to be used for calf raises, the 360 Strength Calf Raise Block can be used in isolation, or combined with a barbell, smith machine, dumbbells, kettlebells, a weight vest or anything heavy really. For a killer calf workout, perform seated calf raises by positioning in front of your bench and placing a barbell or dumbbells on your knees

    A block of wood might do the job temporarily, but if you want something that's the perfect size, that won't slip and that will last you a lifetime consider getting a Calf Raise Block.


    • Heavy duty steel construction
    • Durable matte black powdercoated finish
    • Grip tape on top
    • Non-slip feet
    • Commercial Grade
    • No assembly required


    Assembled Dimensions: 558mm (L) x 375mm (W) x 110mm (H)