30kg Slam Ball
30kg Slam Ball
  • SKU: 360S-SB30

30kg Slam Ball


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    • Ultra strong, thick durable rubber casing
    • Textured surface for better grip
    • Improved recessed valve design
    • Soft and safe, protects floors and feet
    • Clear weight markings
    • Highly portable

    The 360 Strength slam balls (also known as dead balls) are a non-bouncing medicine ball and have been tried and tested to withstand any impact you can throw at them! Covered in an extra thick rubber casing for durability, they have a deep textured surface for better grip with recessed values – meaning that they are the ideal choice for high usage gym environments.

    Exercises that allow you to utilize the balls full potential include partner back and forth throws, overhead slams, reaction drills & Russian twists. They can also be included in your basic exercises like lunges and squats – made even more difficult if you’re holding them overhead. Build power with ballistic throws and slams

    This price is for ONE 30kg Heavy Duty Slam Ball.

    Available in sizes 3,6,9,12,15,20,25, 30, 35,40,45 & 50kg


    • Ultra strong, thick durable rubber casing
    • Improved recessed valve design
    • Textured rubber surface for better grip
    • Soft and safe, protects floors and feet
    • Size range 3-50kg
    • Clear weight markings
    • Highly portable
    • Super long lasting
    • Cost effective
    • Versatile
    • Weather proof

    Important note: To preserve their longevity, slam balls should not be slammed onto any surface except gym tiles, EVA jigsaw mats or stall mats.

    Slam Ball Warranty

    All 360 Strength Slam Balls are covered by a 6 month warranty that protects against defects. This assumes the product has been used only for it's original intended purpose, and adheres to the following conditions.

    Type of Warranty  Manufacturing Fault
    Warranty Period 6 months
    Do Not
    • Slam on sharp surfaces
    • Slam directly on the valve side
    • Use on abrasive or uneven surfaces, or any surface that is not gym tiles, EVA jigsaw mats or stall mats.
    • Inflate
    • Valve failure
    • Puncture from a sharp object
    • Normal wear and tear, cosmetic damages, surface scratches
    • 360 Strength Slam Balls have been designed for slamming use on suitable surfaces such as gym tiles, EVA jigsaw mats or stall mats only.
    • Wipe clean with a PH Neutral detergent and wipe dry
    • Regularly check for signs of damage and replace as necessary

    Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure correct installation and maintenance of the products, and inform further users or clients of proper equipment usage and handling. We recommend that you conduct regular equipment audits to ensure that all your products are correctly maintained and replaced as required.