360 Strength

Padded Ankle Strap - Polyester Shearling Lining

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The 360 Strength Padded Ankle Strap is made for everyday gym use, and designed to fit on any cable exercise equipment. Great for traditional exercises like cable crossovers and curls, as well as more functional movements. The nylon webbing can also be more comfortable than a traditional stirrup handle on your forearms.

Product Specifications

  • One Size Fits All
  • Nylon webbing offers breathability
  • Strong design, will not loosen during workouts
  • Velcro closure adjusts for a custom fit
  • Comfortable polyester shearling
  • One Piece Design
  • Solid steel ring for all cable machines
  • One of the most popular cable attachments in gyms


Can be used for a variety of exercises including:

  • One Legged Kickbacks
  • Isolated Leg Curls
  • Isolated Leg Extensions
  • Leg Abduction
  • Leg Aduction
  • Cable Leg Drop Crunch
  • Plus Many More!