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360 Strength 32cm Foam Roller - Grid
360 Strength 32cm Foam Roller - Grid
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360 Strength 32cm Foam Roller - Grid


    Use the 360 Strength Grid Roller to target trigger points and tense muscles by rolling different parts of your body over the surface. Relieve tension and improve blood circulation by stretching and massaging to improve flexibility, stability and sports performance. 

    Foam Rollers have become an essential tool for pilates, core, ab and back stabilisation and strengthening. They are also used as a balance training tool to improve balance for sports, everyday balance or in a physical therapy setting and are an excellent aid for self massage of the upper and lower back, calf, hamstring, glutes and quads.

    The roller is especially useful for IT (illiotibia) band syndrome. Since full round foam rollers offer a significant balance challenge, they are recommended for intermediate and advanced users when balance training or in conjunction with a professionally supervised training session.

    Use your bodyweight to apply pressure to targeted areas or even your entire back, legs, arms and buttocks you will calm your muscles and decrease spot pains.


    • Made from dense, durable poly urethane that won't compress over time
    • Resistant to sweat and other forms of corrosion.
    • Available in black
    • Dimensions : 32cm length