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The Glute Ham Developer (GHD) is hands down one of the best tools for developing the posterior chain, building strong glutes, and promoting core-to-extremity power.  It’s also one of the few efficient ways to isolate and really get at your hamstrings outside of a commercial gym setting (leg curls are rather complicated to pull off without a machine).

The main exercises you would typically perform on a GHD are the glute/ham raise, hip and back extensions, GHD sit-ups, and Russian twists.

 Key features: Power Rack and Squat Stand

  • matte black powder coat finish
  • multiple band pegs
  • half moon split foam vinyl coated pads - crush resistant and easy to clean
  • full size welded diamond tread foot plate
  • upholstered foam ankle stabilizer with dual roller pads for ankle support - all fully adjustable
  • dual rail single pin adjustment system, fast and smooth
  • solid wheels and handles for easier movement

A must have in any gym!