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PRE-ORDER – Expected Late October | Classic Cast Iron Kettlebell 36kg (80lb)

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Kettlebells are one of the simplest and yet most broadly functional pieces of equipment out there.

Available in 2 kg increments from 4-12kg and 4kg increments from 12-40kg, each Classic Kettlebell is weight stamped and individually colour banded on the handle for easy identification.

Perfect for cultivating strength, stability, and explosiveness, kettlebell movements train core-to-extremity motor patterns that are universally applicable. The 360 Strength Classic Kettlebells were designed to bring you this functionality along with unmatched durability, grip, and ease of use.

Because of the premium design, the outer surface and handle are free of edges or casting marks, making them smooth to the touch. These classic kettlebells are finished with a powder-coated surface to ensure optimal grip and the color coded handles make the weight denominations easy to identify. 


  • Material: solid-piece cast iron
  • Sizes available from 4kg to 40kg
  • Sizes embossed in KG and LB
  • Flat base to ensure stable storage
  • Colour coded handles for weight identification



Competition Kettlebells have the exact same size, shape and handle thickness regardless of weight changes. That means that you will not need to change your grip or forearm position, and can focus on consistent technique no matter what the size. They are also contructed from steel, which is longer lasting and more durable than cast iron.

On the other hand, Classic Kettlebells will increase in physical shape and handle thickness as the weight increases. The space between the handle and body vary slightly with each size. While Classic Kettlebells are quite cheaper than Competition Kettlebells, they are still constructed from solid cast iron material and coated with durable powder-coat for a long lasting finish.