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360 Strength Battle Rope / Band Anchor

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The Rope / Band Anchor is an ideal tool to help you get the most out of your battle rope and power bands by looping them through the anchor you to quickly, easily and safely have a secure anchoring point.

Simply secure the unit to the wall or floor, pass your battling rope or band through the loop and you are ready to go.

This item can also be used in association with other products like a running harness or power band loop exercises and drills, such as pushing & pulling movements when attached at chest height.

Your product is less likely to:

  • get tangled or knotted
  • come loose
  • get in the way
And it keeps your gym space clean and tidy.


Comes with 4 plugs and fixing screws and suitable for fixing to all types of Concrete, Brick or timber walls/structures.