177kg Integrated Bumper, Change and PRO Bar Package

177kg Integrated Bumper, Change and PRO Bar Package

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    • 20kg 7ft PRO Olympic Barbell
      • Hard Chrome
      • 8 x Bearings
      • 960kg
    • 150kg Integrated Bumpers
      • 450mm plate diameter
      • 50.6mm diameter center hole
      • Rubber hardness- 75 Shore A
    • Rubber Coated Change Plates
      • 2 x 1.25kg
      • 2 x 2.5kg

      A high quality, durable Commercial 20kg Barbell with 8 x Needle Bearings, 150kg in integrated bumper plates and some changes plates - perfect for all styles of lifting, whether at home, studio or gym.

      360 Strength PRO Olympic Needle Bearing Barbell - 20KG

      A high quality, durable Olympic Training Bar, the PRO Series 20kg Olympic Hard Chrome Barbell is perfect for all styles of lifting, whether at home, studio or gym. Rated to 900kg, this barbell has 8 needle bearings and 2 brass bushes with dual clipped ends and standard dimensions.

      Made from High Tensile Steel and finished in a hardened chrome, the barbell is rust resistant and maintenance free.

      Barbell Specifications:

      • Weight Rating: 2000lbs
      • Length: 2200mm
      • Shaft Diameter: 28mm
      • Sleeve length: 445mm
      • Sleeve diameter: 49.8 – 50mm
      • Shaft material: Spring steel
      • Shaft coating: Hard Chrome
      • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
      • Sleeve coating: Hard Chrome
      • Knurling: Fine, Grippy
      • 8 needle bearings & 2 bushes
      • Tensile strength: 215,000PSI
      • Bar Weight: 20kg
      • Weight variation: within 100g

      Supplied with nylon locking collars - color to be chosen randomly.

         150kg Integrated Bumper Plates

        These extremely durable integrated 360 Strength bumper plates are made from recycled rubber and fused at a high temperature to create a strong, but economical bumper plate.

        This price is for TWO 5kg, TWO 10kg, TWO 15kg, TWO 20kg and TWO 25kg integrated bumper plates.


        • 450mm plate diameter (IWF standard)
        • A collar opening of 50.60mm
        • Traditional IWF coloured virgin rubber flecks and text embossing, allowing immediate identification of weights.
        • Rubber hardness- 75 Shore A
        • Centre hub- Stainless Steel
        • Tolerances of +/- 3% per plate
        • Steel Disc insert to keep width down
        • Weight embossed in KG

        Plate Details:

        • 5kg: 35mm (Grey fleck)
        • 10kg: 60mm (Green fleck)
        • 15kg: 75mm (Yellow fleck)
        • 20kg: 80mm (Blue fleck)
        • 25kg: 95mm (Red fleck)


        • Type: Manufacturing Fault
        • Warranty Period: 12 Months
        • Environment: Domestic Use Only
        • To be covered: bumpers must be used with a suitable Olympic barbell and high impact absorbing Olympic Lifting platform
        • Does not cover:
          • Normal wear and tear, cosmetic damages, surface scratches, chipping
          • Drying out or cracking from overexposure to UV rays

          The included change plates are rubber coated weight plates that are calibrated to 3% and have pressed and flared stainless centers that won't come loose with regular use. The quantities are:

          • 2 by 2.5kg plates (5kg)
          • 2 by 1.25kg plates (2.5kg)

          Please note that the style of change plates may vary from that shown in the image. 

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