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110kg PRO HG Bumper and Hard Chrome Bar Package
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110kg PRO HG Bumper and Hard Chrome Bar Package

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    Key Features
    • 20kg 7ft PRO Olympic Barbell
      • Hard Chrome shaft and sleeves
      • 8 x Needle Bearings
      • 950kg rated
    • 90kg PRO HG Bumpers
      • 450mm plate diameter
      • 50.4mm diameter center hole
      • Rubber hardness- 88 Shore A

    The 360 Strength 110kg Beginner PRO Bumper Package is a great starter pack or addition to any home or commercial gym. The package includes a 360 Strength PRO Needle Bearing Barbell in 15kg or 20kg (default is 20kg) with 90kg of our PRO HG bumper plates, and a pair of 360 Strength Nylon Locking Collars.

    360 Strength PRO Olympic Needle Bearing Barbell - 20kg

    A high quality, durable Olympic Training Bar, the PRO Series 20kg Olympic Hard Chrome Barbell is perfect for all styles of lifting, whether at home, studio or gym. Rated to 900kg, this barbell has 8 needle bearings and 2 brass bushes with dual clipped ends and standard dimensions.

    Made from High Tensile Steel and finished in a black hardened chrome, the barbell is rust resistant and maintenance free.

    Barbell Specifications:

    • Weight Rating: 2000lbs
    • Length: 2200mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 28mm
    • Sleeve length: 445mm
    • Sleeve diameter: 49.8 – 50mm
    • Shaft material: Spring steel
    • Shaft coating: Black Hard Chrome
    • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
    • Sleeve coatingl: Hard Chrome
    • Knurling: Fine, Grippy
    • 8 needle bearings & 2 bushes
    • Tensile strength: 215,000PSI
    • Bar Weight: 20kg
    • Weight variation: within 100g


          10kg, 15kg and 20kg PRO Bumper Plates.

          Built for precision and durability but with a budget in mind, our PRO bumper plates are a high performance plate without the premium price. These plates are precision calibrated and are made from 100% natural rubber of the highest quality available, with small stainless steel insert in the center. Thicker than our competition plates, they are still thinner than most bumper plates on the market, meaning you'll fit more on the bar.

          This package includes TWO 10kg, TWO 15kg and TWO 20kg PRO HG Bumper Plates.

          Plate Specifications

          • 450mm plate diameter (IWF standard)
          • A collar opening of 50.40mm (IWF standard) so they’ll fit all regular Olympic weightlifting bars with the tightest tolerance possible to reduce movement and damage.
          • Rubber hardness- 88 Shore A
          • Center hub- Stainless Steel
          • Colored stripe in traditional IWF colours for immediate identification of weights while on the bar.
          • Exacting tolerances of +/- 1% of claimed weight
          • Low odour.
          • Virgin Rubber, proprietary rubber additives, steel and zinc.
          • Warranty : 3 Years*


          Easy Lock Nylon Collars

          Sold as a pair, the 360 Strength Easy Lock Barbell Collars are made from a durable, long lasting nylon with moulded rubber inner. With a lightweight design, these barbell collars are easy to use and fast-locking.


          • Fast Locking
          • Fits: 50mm olympic bar
          • Durable plastic
          • Lightweight and fast locking
          • Fully encased grip pads

          Available in black, red, pink, green and blue.


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