What type or size of  rig should buy?

This depends on how much space you have available, your budget, the number of clients you will have training on the rig at any one time, personal preference for things such as Triangular Chin-up Bars (get-up bars) versus single chin-up bars, height restrictions and whether you want to add attachments such as Ball Targets, Trawling Arms and Dip Horns. This requires some consultation and is not something that should be decided without careful consideration, to ensure you get the right rig for your facility.

Should I buy a Wall Mounted or Free Standing Rig?

If you have the space go for a free standing rig as you will have double the squat/bench press stations and chin-up stations. You will also have the ability to add more options. If space is an issue then a Wall Mount Rig is ideal. Free standing rigs provide most facilities with a real centre piece for their layout. This provides greater functionality for clients and they just look awesome and impressive!

Wall mounted rigs are incredibly efficient, and very space effective.

Do I need 9ft (2500mm) or 12ft (3500mm) uprights?

     This really depends on how much height you have available in your facility. If you have ceilings that are over 3600mm high then 12ft uprights are a better option. This provides greater flexibility for cross beams heights for use with hanging gym ring, TRX’s and climbing ropes.

How many squatting or chin up stations do I need?

     This also depends on how much available space you have and whether you are opting for a Wall Mounted or Free Standing Rig. The standard configuration is always and squat/bench press station (cell) followed by a chin-up station (cell) that can also be used for gym rings, climbing ropes or other attachments but the sky’s the limit.