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1RM is one of the leading suppliers of strength and conditioning equipment in Australia. 

At 1RM, we choose to keep things simple and only supply you with products that work. The hard work, the training, the commitment, is up to you.

Why 1RM?

1RM stands for One Repetition Maximum and is the maximum amount of weight that you can lift for a given exercise. It’s your best lift, your max.

At 1RM  - we aim to hit our 1RM in everything we do.

Our mission

To provide quality products, great value and unsurpassed service – so you can focus on training.


Our team

1RM Strength and Conditioning Equipment is a 100% Australian, family owned and operated business. With over 25 years combined industry experience – our team know their stuff and are here to help.


Not Sure?

Our phone number is 0435 494 428. We answer the phone because that’s how we can help you make an informed decision on your equipment purchase.

Our email address is sales@1RM.com.au and we respond to emails very quickly.