360 Strength

360 Strength PRO 1.5inch Battle Rope 15m (50ft) with Nylon Case

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Training with heavy undulation battle ropes enables athletes to mobilize every muscle group while developing greater metabolic endurance, core stabilization, and authentic strength. Ideal for individual cardio, resistance training, or group activities, the 360 Strength Battle Rope will provide a muscle-toning, cardio-intensive workout.

Use the 360 Strength Battle Ropes with exercises such as rope pulls, spirals and whips but to step it up a notch add burpees, squats and lunges. The possibilities with this dynamic piece of equipment are endless.


  • 15m x 1.5inch diameter
  • Steel knurled handle
  • 12kg weight
  • Durable nylon casing


Why a nylon covering?

  • The nylon covering protects the rope beneath, so it will last longer particularly if the rope is being exposed to the elements with outdoor training
  • The nylon covering prevents the rope from shedding, great if you want to keep your training space clean
  • The nylon covering adds a bit of weight to the power ropes, making your rope training even more challenging