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360 Strength Axle Bar (Fatbar)
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360 Strength Axle Bar (Fatbar)


     From presses to rows to deadlifts, the 360 Strength PRO Fat Axle Bar makes for a more challenging workout. With a thick grip section (50mm) and no knurling, this bar will emphasise the muscles in your hands in a way standard bar can’t. Incorporating the Fat Axle Bar into your training can increase your grip strength - improving overall lifting performance and increasing your capacity in other areas such as gymnastic bar and ring work. It’s the same principles that have made fat bars an essential part of the modern Strongman training arsenal.

    Product Specifications:

    • 50mm Bar Grip Diameter
    • 50mm Olympic Sleeve Diameter
    • 7 Foot Bar
    • 390mm Sleeve length
    • Circlip end
    • Weight of 10kg
    • Includes Collars

     Maintenance: it is highly recommended that you wipe the bar with a clean cloth after use to remove any acidic property's that your hands may have left due to excess sweat. This is a black coating and not black steel, if the bar is not cleaned the coating may wear away prematurely.