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            Power Bands and Micro Bands are the perfect complement to bodyweight exercises, mobility training, or powerlifting. They can be used for a wide variety of stretches that would otherwise require a partner, as dynamic resistance on a barbell, in powerlifting, building speed and power throughout the range of motion during squats and deadlifts, or as assistance in bodyweight movements.

            Power bands come in different sizes and colours with different levels of resistance to suit all users.


            Micro Band 50mm - Extra Heavy


            Micro Band 50mm - Extra Light


            Micro Band 50mm - Heavy


            Micro Band 50mm - Light


            Micro Band 50mm - Medium


            360 Strength Power Band, XXS (Pink)


            360 Strength Power Band, XS (RED)


            50mm Micro Band - SET


            360 Strength Power Band, SML (BLK)


            360 Strength Battle Rope / Band Anchor


            360 Strength Power Band, MED (PURPLE)


            360 Strength Battle Rope / Band Storage Hook


            360 Strength Power Band, LRG (GREEN)


            360 Strength Power Band, XL (BLUE)


            Pull-Up Power Band Package


            360 Strength Power Band, XXL (ORANGE)


            Beginner Power Band Package


            Intermediate Power Band Package


            Intermediate Power Band Lifters Package

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